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Three-Seater Sofa (CY-13335)
Three-Seater Sofa (CY-13335)

Three-Seater Sofa

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Campsis Three-Seater Sofa
Part Number: CY-13335
Availability: 2 Free Shipping.
The fantabulous Campsis Three-Seater Sofa represents serenity, calmness with sumptuous and luxurious upholstery work for maximum relaxation and ultimate comfort. Fill your living room or preferred location of use with elegance, the sofa is beautifully designed and well crafted with pleated all around sides that is symbolically trendy. The cushioned surface seat with the backrest is constructed for comfortable seating experience. The sofa’s superb upholstery texture with the adorable finish of subtle color adds an element of elegant decorative effects and style to your living space.

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