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Candlestick - One Small Size Only

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U-Shaped Tulip Candlestick - One Small Size Only
Part Number: TW-11074
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Add this object of beauty and affection to your interior decoration arrangement. The U-Shaped Tulip Candlestick is an amazing art object that enhances an environment with a glowing beautiful candlelight effect when used with candles. It’s elegantly designed with a contemporary style to enhance any space with ambiance. You can easily decorate and brighten your room with candles on both ends of the u-shaped candlestick. One side of the candlestick is slightly raised to present a distinctively candlelight effect outlook. The candleholders are designed uniquely to promote the love and affection of creative art. You can purchase this creative art object as a gift for your friends and family to brighten their mood.

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